VISA, MasterCard & Debit are accepted if paying in full at time of registration.

For full year programs you may choose to pay in one lump sum, make three payments, or pay monthly. All monthly payments must be made in the form of post-dated cheques. All post-dated cheques must be presented at the time of registration.

Please contact us for a detailed price list

In the event of a returned cheque, you will be charged an administration fee of $40.00. If we do not receive a payment to cover the full outstanding amount within 30 days, your child will not be permitted to attend class until the account has been settled.

Family Discount

Full price for the first child, each additional family member registered in a full year program will receive a $75.00 discount.


Refunds will not be issued after February 1st. Please see our detailed Refund Policy. Refunds will not be issued without a written withdrawal notice.

  1. Notification of withdrawal must be in writing advising “The Studio” of the student’s name, class and reason for withdrawal. A withdrawal form may be obtained from the studio. The official date of withdrawal is effective upon receipt of written notice.

 “The Studio” will issue a refund for each class in which the student is registered, in accordance with the following refund policy:

  1. a) Following the first week of classes, full refund.
  2. b) Following the second week of classes, full refund less the fee of two classes.
  3. c) Following the third week of classes, full refund less the fee of 3 classes.
  4. d) Following the fourth week of classes withdrawal penalty of one month is applied.
  5. e) January 1st to February 1st, withdrawal penalty of one month and a credit towards future classes
  6. d) No credits will be issued after February 1st
  7. f) 8 & 10 Week Program are NON Refundable